SPAR mixers are durable, reliable, fast, powerful and safe. High efficiency SPAR mixers offer convenient, troublefree operation during demanding work conditions in any establishment.
Overload protection relays prevent the motor and transmission from being damaged during an overload situation.
High torque, permanently lubricated gear transmission can easily handle peak operation demands while providing
quiet operation.
SPAR mixers are desinged to be multi-functional with Vegetable Slicer and Meat Mincer attachments. By utilizing
the attachment hub, the 10 to 80 quart mixers become versatile food processors.
Other SPAR mixer features: noiseless operation, simple maintenance and high torsion motors. SPAR motors
contain hardened alloy gears, a 3-speed transmission, with all gear being 25% bigger than any other brands for
increased strength.
All machines are coated with a long-lasting enamel, which is easy to clean and which is toxin free