In 1957, a Limassol born entepreneur, Chris Joannou, formed the company Chris Joannou Ltd as a commission agent of various industries in Europe. Early 60's the company moved into activities of importing and trading raw materials such as skimmed milk powder, vegetable and animal fats, oils, bakery materials, chocolates, etc, thus serving the local industries of ice cream production, bakeries and confectioneries. In early 60’s started importing raw materials such as milk powder, vegetable fats and oils for the ice cream, bakery biscuit, chocolate and other similar industries operating locally in Cyprus.

Our Business

During the mid 70’s after the war in 1974, the activities on raw materials for the snack and the beer industries were expanded to all near Middle East countries, including Greece and the Balkans.   Simultaneously several products for the Supermarkets were involved such as cheese, margarines, vegetables etc as well as detergents and other cleaning materials.

Early 70’s, the distribution of machinery and equipment for the ice cream industry was introduced  and enlarged by late 70’s  by adding machinery and equipment for bakeries, confectioneries, hotels, restaurants etc.

The year 2001, the company turned from a family owned to a public listed organisation.   Its shares,  ever since, are floated on the Cyprus Stock Exchange under the name of Chris Joannou Public Ltd.

Who We Are

Today Chris Joannou Public Ltd is a Cyprus-based company, active in the import and trade of food products, feedstock and equipment for the food industry. The Company’s main activities comprise at provision of raw materials for the dairy, ice-cream, bakery and confectionery industries, as well as restaurants, supermarkets and hotels. Its product portfolio includes such raw materials as various types of flours, oils and fats, improvers, fillings, covers, pasteurized eggs, frozen products, stabilizers, yeast, seeds, packing materials, uht milk, marmelades, bread mixes etc.  Its range of professional equipment includes industrial machines for the food sector, refrigerators, ice machines and display equipment.

We work all the time with our customers and together we are able to create beautifull and amazing things that surely brings positive results and complete satisfaction.

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Main core of our company is our staff

Mikkie Rurk

Brandon Razer

David Jacob

Morgan Dutch