BASIC 2.0, gas, gasoil or electric oven..

The Basic 2.0 oven is a gas, gasoil or electric forced convection oven with a rotating rack made up of one single deck. The entire series is suitable for baking products on trays or in moulds.
The well defined and essential lines transform the Basic 2.0 oven from a simple work took to a valuable item to place in your laboratory, as the expression of the correct balance between practicality and functionality.

Basic 2.0 is an oven that can be powered with gas, gasoil or electricity and has been fully designed and built in Italy with the artisan care and technology typical of Mondial Forni products.
Stainless steel gasket
Special stainless steel gaskets ensure steam sealing all around the door, reducing the energy expense.

Maximum reliability
The stainless steel heat exchanger guarantees higher performance and lower energy consumption.

Constant insulation
A double layer of high density (100kg/m3) rock wool encloses the oven perimeter, avoiding thermal bridges and ensuring maximum thermal insulation that remains constant over time, allowing for higher energy savings.

A perfect view 
Cleaning is quick and easy with the glass door that can be opened like a book, always ensuring a perfect view of the product while it is baking.